Introduction to Conscious Embodiment - Level 1 Workshops


Conscious Embodiment Level 1

The level 1 course is the introductory level course. We will work with a series of exercises that will put us just a little off balance, so that we can have a strong experience of coming back to 'centre' and back to a sense of being able to handle ourselves.

We use '4 part centring' as the primary method for coming back to full consciousness when our awareness is caught up something else. We will use a light push from a partner (it can be very soft and still take us off balance) to

When we have a strong physical sense of what it feels like to be balanced and centred under pressure in a workshop situation, then our bodies will remember and be able to duplicate this when we're back out in the everyday world.

We use the following exercises:

  • Basic Practice - get familar with our habitual patterns and develop a sense of self to return to.
  • Leader - follower - How these patterns show up in relationships.
  • Advocate - listener - How do we take intentions out into the world. How can we listen spaciously to others
  • Irimi - An exercise to look at timing. If we concentrate on space we can control how fast things seem to 'come at us'
  • Randori  - An exercise about keeping our cool when a stream of things wants our attention, all right now! - Manage your inbox with a sense of calm!


Led by Matthew Dodwell, an experienced somatics teacher with a black belt in aikido, this will be a fun and useful workshop.



Money back Guarantee

We offer a money back guarantee - if you’re not satisfied that the workshop has helped you, you can get a full refund, so come and try it risk free!

For more details, please contact us, or phone Matthew on 07732 859637