Wendy Palmer - April 2010 Courses

Wendy is coming back to teach here the UK in April. This time I'm delighted to be sponsoring her workshops. Wendy is an absolutely outstanding teacher and is really not to be missed.

Wendy has been teaching Conscious Embodiment for 28 years and that depth of mastery is clearly evident in her teaching . When working with her there is a sense of wonder and the body receives a different kind of message that we're used to in our normal interactions. It's as if her energy field is denser than most people we met. There is a great sense of presence around here.

I first met Wendy when I went across to San Francisco to train at her Aikido dojo there. I was there for 6 weeks on that trip and studied with her (and George Leonard) every chance I got. Wendy invited me to her CE classes, which I hadn't known about until then, and it gave me the experience that I'd been looking for in my aikido journey. I'd always been looking for the principles of aikido in my practice but rarely found them . CE slowed the moment of contact down so that what took 1-2 secs on the aikido mat could be studied over 5-10 mins and our internal, somatic reactions experienced fully.

On the aikido mat

Working with Wendy on the aikido mat, I've had many opportunities to attack her. One of my lasting impressions is of my attack being 'invited in'. It's as if she invites me into her space and does not try and keep me out. As I get closer I get a strong sensation of her 'centre'. To me it's almost like a strong golden core. As I experience that my attack loses power - it's so strong I no longer want to attack - and it's at that moment she executes the aikido throw. It feels like it was my decision to be thrown! And then of course in true aikido fashion I laugh, get up and try again!

The somatic experience I've had doing aikido with Wendy is the most intensive I've had with anyone in my 10 years of practicing the art. And you only have to experience that once for your body to know that there is another way.



Come and Experience Wendy's teaching for yourself.

Friday 16th April  10-16:30:  level 1  - Conscious Embodiment - Recognising our patterns
- £185

  • We will be using a selection of the level 1 exercises to recognise our own somatic patterns under stress and how we can more fluidly recover our centre.


Sat 17th - Sun 18th April 10-16:30: - Level 2 -  Teachers Workshop - Using somatics in our teaching
- £350  -
This will be a level 2workshop, looking at our patterns when work with our clients, with both somatics and mindfulness. Using the 'content' of our own experiences with clients and how we can more fluidily shift between centre and personality, especially when teaching these concepts!

  • We will be working with Wendy's theme of this year - Inclusiveness - looking at this in both our personal relationships and at a global level. We'll be looking at ways to increase our experience of inclusiveness and how other around us somatically experience the message "We're all in this together"

Bursaries are available - please get in touch with me if you'd like to discuss this.