Soft Eyes

Soft Eyes is a term for a different way of seeing the world.

Usually we 'look at' the world, often taking a hard look at the world and people outside of us. We 'reach out' with our attention and over-engage with whoever we're looking at. Often there is some kind of judgement involved.

Soft Eyes is a way of looking that receives an impression. We allow that impression to land in our space, just letting us see whatever is here and now without wanting or needing to change anything.

A good metaphor for this is to have eyes 'like a catcher mitt' as Wendy Palmer often says. 

Some ways to do this

  • Be in your own space. Make sure that you've got some awareness of space equally all the way around you: That your attention is equally aware of the space behind you as it is in front, to your left and right and above you and below you. Doing this means that you have your own centre and aren't projected over into another's space.
  • Be aware of the distance between you.
  • Let things land in the space. Be mindful that you are in your space and there is a space (and time) for impressions to land before you react. 


Try this out sometime today, and notice if there is any difference, both for you and for people around you.....