How to experience a shift right now, when reading this...

A prime tenent of CE is that if we change the underlying energetics of the situation, then the content will change.

One way we can experience this, sitting in our chairs, is by imagining a stressful situation for 10 seconds and noticing our phsyiological state. Then we centre using 4 part centring. Then we bring that same situation back to mind.

Try it now.
Imagine a situation that has stressed you in the past couple of days. What was happening, what did you see, what was said, how were you standing/sitting? Stop after 10 seconds.

Now, breathe down. Let your exhale be twice as long as your inhale. Hear yourself breathe.
Now imagine heat radiating off your body, equally as much behind you, off your back as your front. LEft and right side and above and below.
Now relax your shoulders. Relax the back of your jaw. Relax your knees.
If you had 2% more ease in your body right now, what would that be like.....?

OK, now think of that same situation that you thought of before for 10 secs again.

Was there a difference?

What kind of difference?

By changing our physical state we can change the situation. As we get more skillful at this we don't react on automatic as much - we have more choices.

And if we have more choices, we can take more choices to be happy!