Conscious Embodiment

"The greatest gift we can give someone is to get ourselves together. - Wendy Palmer

What is Conscious Embodiment 

Conscious Embodiment is a series of simple and practical exercises to enable us to experience ourselves at our most confident and present using breathing and sensation in our bodies. As we get to know that state more, it becomes more available to us and we will be able to return to it at will.
When we experience stress we close down our higher brain functions, become blinkered and hence lose our capacity to think creatively – our habitual fight, flight or freeze reaction automatically sets in and old habits re-assert themselves.
Often we forget to use our own bodily awareness and breathing that helps us to be calm and present for ourselves and those around us.

Access the wisdom of the whole system

Do you ever have a niggle that won't go away? As if some part of you knows something that isn't in your consciousness? Do you feel split over which way to go in life?

Conscious embodiment helps us to find and act on the wisdom of our whole system. We use the metaphor of head, heart and belly centres and examine how we usually favour one of the centres. When we are able to move with all parts balanced equally, we are no longer fighting ourselves. Instead we can bring our total self self into whatever task we're working on. This is known as the 'flow state' and we discover how to access it more consciously and more often.

Putting mindfulness into action

Conscious embodiment has been developed partly from the non-aggresive martial art of Aikido, by 6th Dan aikido master Wendy Palmer. It is is being used in both personal-development and business coaching in the UK and US. Relating to others from this relaxed and secure place within ourselves can change our experience of life, enhancing a sense of peace and living with more grace and dignity.

Practice makes possible

"Under duress, we don't rise to our level of expectation, we fall to the level of our training" - Bruce Lee

We can't teach you how to maintain centre without ever losing it, but we can teach how to return there when you recognise you've lost it.

As a body work practice the best way to understand it is to experience it. Come along to a workshop or practice group.


Next Events

Wendy Palmer

Masterclass Day - Sat November 9th &- Sun November 10th 2013 - London

Wendy is running an introductory day in London. Saturday is close to being booked out and there is the possibility of a day on the Sunday. Details and booking here.

Weds. November 13th.
Wendy has just released a new book with Janet Crawford. It covers both the somatic practices and the neuroscience that explains why these practices are so powerful. It's available at amazon now -Leadership Embodiment: How the Way We Sit and Stand Can Change the Way We Think and Speak.
Come and join us to celebrate the launch of Wendy's new book on the evening of 13th November. We'd love to see you at this free event